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Integration Software for Kronos® and SAP®

PDC Gateway™ for Kronos® and SAP® seamlessly integrates SAP® PP (PP-PDC), HR (HR-PDC), PM (Plant Maintainence), PS (Project System), PK (Kanban), and CATS  to Kronos® products. Kronos® offers integrated human resources, payroll, and time and attendance solutions for small to mid-size businesses as well as a comprehensive suite of labor management applications for larger enterprises. Kronos® products and services help organizations of all sizes align their people, processes, and technology to improve individual productivity and boost overall business performance. SAP® is the worlds leading Business Platform. PDC Gateway™ is the bi-directional, bridge between the two systems providing data transfer, mapping, translation, error handling, and system recovery.

PDC Gateway™ is a stand-alone product from iomotion and is used throughout the world with Kronos® products (WorkForce™ Central Suite, TimeKeeper™, iSeries Central™, DCM™ ,WorkForce Activities™ and Timeclocks) providing a real-time bi-directional interface for SAP®.

PP-PDC - Production Planning Detail | HR-PDC - Human Resources Detail | PM - Plant Maintenace Detail

PDC Gateway™ Overview

Out of the box, the PDC Gateway supports, in full, the standard interfacing requirements for the Kronos® and SAP® integration for Time and Attendance and Labor. With any large SAP implementation, there are many factors, which can, and almost always do alter the SAP pre-configured client. The PDC Gateway supports these requirements in full as in addition to it’s base functionality designed for immediate communication between Kronos® and SAP®, the integration utility provides a robust toolset to accommodate any business requirement and is fully scalable and customizable. Complementary to the translation tables and mapping tools (Figure 2) that can be easily extended to support system field extension, PDC Gateway utilizes XML Type Mapping for support of customized IDOC formats (Figure 3) and provides built in scripting on demand which supports the VB.NET and C# scripting languages and can be executed during run-time integration.

PDC Gateway™ Technology

The PDC Gateway was developed closely with the software engineers from Kronos® and SAP® under the SAP® recommended and certified processes for external system integration. 

  • Kronos® The Kronos® connection is direct, using the same internal system structure processes used by Kronos systems, and was designed to flawlessly gather and submit the needed data for integration between the two systems. This allows current Kronos® systems to harness the integration without alterations to the existing internal data structure and the PDC Gateway database subset co-exists on the same Kronos® database further allowing speed and accuracy.
  • SAP® The PDC Gateway supports both TRFC and SRFC SAP® protocols bi-directionally. The TRFC protocols in an asynchronous interface utilizing SAP® IDOCS via ALE while the SRFC protocol is a direct BAPI interface. In some cases such as PP-PDC time tickets, the TRFC protocol can also be used as a direct asynchronous interface without the disadvantages of delayed IDOC processing. Depending on business and performance requirements, either protocol can be used for communication to SAP®. All of the interface points into SAP® via IDOC or BAPI are standard SAP® interfaces. There are no internal development requirements in the SAP® system, nor are there any additional software or hardware requirements for any of the interface protocols; everything is internal to the PDC Gateway product and the existing Kronos® and SAP® systems.


The PDC Gateway runs quietly on the Kronos® server as multiple services. At anytime status can be checked graphically by opening the PDC Gateway Monitor. The PDC Gateway can support any number of Kronos® instances. Process detail can be easily monitored by viewing the status page of the Monitor tool. In addition, trace files for all SAP activities are maintained as well as individual TID (Transactional Identification) records for SAP uploads and downloads on a per call basis. All of the transactional data is stored on the PDC Gateway database instance. This allows for verification, research, reporting, troubleshooting and other tasks that require a detailed history of the integration transactions. The PDC Gateway is a multithreading system.  It assigns tasks to seperate "Gateway Controllers" that perform the task and report back the results.  Each process can in turn trigger child processes or other processes to perform some other required task such as error handling.


The PDC Gateway for Kronos® and SAP® is the bi-directional bridge between Kronos® systems and SAP® PP, HR, PM modules and Timeclocks. The PDC Gateway provides data transfer, mapping, translation, error handling and is fully configurable and programmable with the full-featured internal toolset. Whether a system is comprised of a single server instance of Kronos® and a single plant of SAP® or an international chain of Kronos® systems and multiple SAP® servers, plants, and clients, the PDC Gateway is fully capable and scalable to solve the integration needs of virtually any business requirement.




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